Info About Pre and Probiotic Cleaning

Synbiotics vs Disinfection

Killing unwanted micro-organisms is no longer the solution. Antibiotics and disinfectants (disinfectants / biocides) result in resistance and instability in the microflora. In contrary, the synbiotic technology ensures a stable, healthy microbiome by stimulating good microorganisms. The high number of pre and probiotics in the products immediately increases the number of good bacteria on the surface (after all, the probiotics are good micro-organisms themselves). The prebiotic sugars stimulate the already present good micro-organisms through a delayed action.

Prebiotics are sugars that can only be digested by good microorganisms. In this way, the synbiotic cleaners “give food" to the already present good microorganisms. This promotes the diversity of the microbiome in a positive direction. Synbiotic cleaners provide an efficient, long-lasting cleaning solution and stimulate good, stable microbiology.

Bad microbiome

Good microbiome

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